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In my earlier years, I always interested in vehicles, which are rolling on wheels.

When my father drove the car, I always pushed him to drive faster and faster.

I started to ride a motorcycle when I was 10 years old. I got my first bike for my good school results from my father.
The rookie bike was a Russian built RIGA 50 cc small wheeled moped.

From that time I went to a directon to two wheelers, but I was a car race enthusiast as well.

I always admired the drivers, who were able to drive unusually and had extraordinary driving skills.

The quad riding gave an extra feeling in this intermediate period to me, because you should always drift it in the curves.

After I heard about the „japanese way of drifting”, I decided to do something similar. Motorcycle stunts went a little bit boring, but this new challenge pushed me forward again.

We customized this little red evil in 2007, since then it is the meaning of life to me, naturally after my family.

The Hot Rod Madness Car Performance Team's goals are to make people smiling even sometimes laughing, while gasps the spectrators and performs tricks that nearly oppose all laws of nature!

It is not only a usual car stunt show. It is some art of theatrical performance with tons of pyrotechs, smoking rubbers and pretty girls, which brings the people to the edge as nothing before!